The Mandarin Coffee Chain, the leading coffee chain in the north, began as a café nestled in a magical garden in the Carmel center. The rumor of a café in Haifa with a pleasant atmosphere, high quality coffee and rich menu was quickly spread and within a few years Mandarin expanded into a chain of coffee houses including 12 branches.


Among the branches you will find Mandarin Espresso Bar – self-service cafés with fresh and light menu, and Mandarin Café Bistro – a café-restaurant offering in addition to high quality coffee a rich menu including breakfast, business meals, professional service and different varieties of ground coffee and coffee beans that can be purchased and taken home.


Mandarin continues to expand while adhering to standards of quality, excellence and a service-oriented approach in each of the chain's branches!


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The Menu


In Mandarin we believe that special coffee deserves a special menu. The menu includes breakfasts that have gained a reputation in Haifa and the north, and new, affordable business meals served during all hours of the day.


Each of the meals served in Mandarin consists of fresh, healthy and natural ingredients. In addition, our customers can also enjoy whole-wheat pastas, light bread and gluten-free breads.




bistro bar

Mandarin Carmel Center

Hanassi Avenue 129 Haifa, 04-8363554

Mandarin Moria

Moria St. 117 Haifa , 04-8344112

Mandarin Carmelia

Zafririm St. 1 haifa , 04-8343726

Mandarin Grand Kenion Mall

Simha Golan St. 54 Haifa, 04-8120777

Mandarin Azrieli Mall Haifa

Moshe Fliman St 4 Haifa, 04-8551880

Mandarin Afula

Joshua Henkin 14 , Haamakim Mall , 04-6568003

Mandarin Cinemall

Haistadrut Ave' 55 Haifa, 04-6457012


Mandarin Hadar

Herzel 73 Haifa, 04-8666224

Mandarin French Carmel

Hacim 6 Haifa, 04-8343726

Mandarin Kastra Art Center

Moshe Fliman 8 Haifa 04-8223566

Mandarin Meridien Beach

David Elazar 10 Haifa 04-6791874

espresso bar

mandarin technion, ulman building 04-8230303

mandarin technion, amado building 04-8120850

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